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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Clearance Sale

Hi all,

The Fusilier Chasseurs are finished!  It is however a gray rainy day so no photos to share this weekend.  I will say that I am very pleased with the results.  In the meantime, and what better use for a rainy day, I need to make room for a new project and raise cash. Much more to come but for starters I have:

Pricing and additional sale items can be found here:

I also have 54mm AWI and DBA armies for sale that can be seen on this Blog by using the navigation labels to the left of German and 54mm.


  1. David that mat is really nice as are the figures -are their bases a work in progress or they staying that colour?
    I suppose the 'new project' is a secret? I am also sorting through for a clear out so if your new project by any chance happens to be a retro Ancient project with lots of hoplites I've just sorted out a load of Garrison figures to go. I just don't have the space so am having to make hard decisions. Also clearing out a lot of books so again if you need anything for your project let me know.

    1. Rob,

      The basing of the ACW figures is what happens when you start out with a skirmish game and get interested in a corp level game. I wanted to make it easy to re-base should the need arrise, so they are "tacked" to the bases with a little white glue. A soak of the bases to loosen the glue and the individual skirmish based figures should pop right off.

      The new project is still a secret but thank goodness does not involve hoplites, as I have already painted a ton for my DBA/ADLG 28mm armies! No all about hard decisions as I am currently engaged in a serious clean out of the basement hobby space. This is just the beginning!

    2. That was supposed to say "Know all about", not "No about". Yup, I'm college edumacated....

  2. Are the prices on all of the LOTR blisters at $20? I was looking at your Hobbit packs, but your clearance price is over the current retail price. But I may have misunderstood something. Please advise!

  3. No wonder they haven't sold! LoL. I thought they weren't available any more. My Bad. How about $10ea

  4. Saw your listing. Hard to assess the river sections from the pics here. Any chance of:
    1. A few better pics of what they look like
    2. Info on dimensions, # of pieces, etc.



  5. The mat is about 4'x 6' for reference. Teh river sections vary, with straight pieces of river about 3.5" wide x 8" long. Really scaled for 28mm figures. Does that help?