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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Clearance Continues - Let's Make a Deal!

 All inquiries to

54mm All the Kings Men collection for the American War of Independence.  A great start to a collections with a core painted army and unpainted units that will allow you to put your own stamp on it. Lot includes painted and unpainted miniatures fencing, log cabin and trees.

$500 +shipping SOLD!

 Samurai Collection

 It just keeps getting better - Unfinished but a project well on the way to completion, just needs a little love.  Dixon miniatures are so full of character and read really well on a battlefield at this scale.  All in all there are:
27 Samurai with Two Handed weapons (swords or naganita)
44 Samurai with bow painted and on bases (a few with hand weapons mixed in)
7 Leaders on foot including a war drum
16 Mounted (4 partially painted)
16 Ashigaru with Yari
13 Warrior Monks
20 Samurai with Yari

Most are in some stage of completion.  I purchased the painted figures in two lots, one is gloss coated.  I spray the gloss figures with Dullcoat, highlight and detail a bit, and they turn out beautiful!  There are also extra Sashimono (back banners) arrow bundles and some porters.

Total of 131 foot and 16 mounted.  I have sold similar lots for $3/ft and $6 mounted, which is really hardly more than the cost of the lead. that would be $489 + cost of pagoda and shipping.

I'll discount to $350 + shipping SOLD!

 ACW Collection

 This is a huge collection of ACW figures - many painted but many awaiting the brush as well.  Primarily Dixon but some Old Glory cavalry and artillery gunners mixed in.  I have made a good start on the project and am loathe to part with it, but hope some other collector/painter will take this one to completion.  I have not calculated value, but if there are interested buyers make an offer and I will do a deeper dive into estimated value so they we both get a good deal.  Please note there are lots of pictures of the painted miniatures on this blog which you can access using these links:  

Currently the painted miniatures are mounted on brown Litko bases, but could be easily removed for skirmish gaming if preferred.  80+ Highly detailed painted miniatures, artillery and scenery easily worth $600 alone, so am looking for an offer north of that for the whole collection

 Foundry Napoleonic Russian Army

Oh La La!  Some of the packs have been opened and redistributed for individual units, but all figures are present, may just take some sorting.

$200 + Shipping SOLD!


 Colonials period from Africa and India 
$75 + shipping

DBA/HotT Early Saxons

 1xCav Gen
1x4Wb Gen

$175 REDUCED $135 + shipping

 Sub Roman British DBA/HotT Army

1xHero General 
 3x4 Kn/Cav
1x2 LH/Rider
1x4 Bl Gen
5x4 Bl
6x4 Sp 

$275 REDUCED $225 + shipping

Robin Hood

 Sherwood Forest Camp 
1xHero Robin Hood with Maid Marion
1xHero/Kn Richard the Lion Heart
1xCleric Friar Tuck
1xWarband/Hero little John, Will Scarlet, Alan a Dale
5x3Bw, Yeomanry
1x5Horde, Peasants
2x3 Wb old Saxons loyal to Richard

$150 REDUCED $115 +Shipping