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Sunday, March 17, 2019

New Spring Time Projects - Bavarians and Saxons !

In what seems like my modus operandi - I can't ever just work on one project, so for the next couple of months will be working on painting a Napoleonic Bavarian battalion for my old school 1/72 collection, and a 15mm early British army made of Saxons and Post Roman occupation British forces as an L'Art de la Guerre army.

1st Up - The Bavarians 

I purchased these on an ebay auction thinking they might be Hinton Hunt figures, but turned out to be custom modified Airfix French Old Guard figures with a head transplant to Bavarian helmets and then cast in metal.  The casting was very well done with the exception of the muskets, which were so poorly done I had to find an alternative solution.  Enter Matt Golding from the UK who sent enough muskets from one of his own projects, to outfit the whole battalion.  Thanks Matt!  I have finished the removal of the old muskets (which were held in the right hand) and replaced with Matt's muskets (cut down very slightly) and held on the left hand side.  I am confident that with a little paint, the remaining removal scars will be well disguised.

We have a local fellow who makes printed flags and sells at the local conventions.  I saw this flag last year and picked it up to save me from having to paint what has to be one of the most intricate Napoleonic flags in use!

Really excited about getting some paint on these fellas.

 The officers are Hinton Hunt figures, but I believe are actually Austrians.  The uniform is so close though, that with a little paint, I think they will make an adequate proxy.

Now on to the Saxons!

This will be a small project as the army itself is already complete, with two exceptions.  I need to make a camp, which in this case will be those pesky Saxons rowing across the channel to beach their ship on the shores of Britain.  Lastly I need a couple elements of those now famous Sarmations who may have served with the Romans in Britain. 

 This is a 15mm Essex viking ship sitting in some colored Sculpta-mold paper mache.  My hope is that when finished it will look like a coastal inlet.  The blue will be toned down with greens and browns and then a little highlighting added.  I would love to figure out how to mold a slate pebble beach as I have seen in Wales.  I imagine the Saxons would have landed on the East coast however.  What would be appropriate for that coastline?

The shields are detailed with Little Big Man decals.

Donnington Sarmations in progress.  I got several pounds of these figures for about $10 long ago.  I passed on most of them to other gamers, but have just enough left for a Sarmation DBA army.

And Finally Spring has Arrived in Nashville!

I spent the day yesterday outside trying to clear brush and get the back yard in order.  Still tons to do, but by the end of the day was able to relax by an outdoor fire and take a load off knowing I had put in a good day's work.


 Here are some of the wildflowers blooming out back:

Trout lilies just starting to come up

Native Phlox

 Wild Ginger


 Cut Leaf Tooth Wart (now that is a great name!)

 Bloodroot - the native Americans used the dark orange root as a fabric dye.


Blood Root blossom just opening up in the morning.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Fusilier-Chasseurs Finally Make an Appearance

The Fusilier-Chasseurs de la Garde Imperiale have been confined to barracks due to an unprecedented two weeks of near constant rain, but thankfully the skies cleared and I was finally able to photograph these fine looking fellows.

 The Battalion of  of Fusilier-Chasseurs turn out under the gaze of Pierre Vrigny, who became colonel major of the regiment of fusiliers on 07/09/1811 at the age of 41.  Unfortunately he would not survive the rigors of the 1812 campaign, and died in Poland during the retreat, unable to travel and captured by the relentless Cossack attacks in 1813.

 The Fusilier-Chasseurs are Der Kriegspieler 16s, with DK command and a Hinton Hunt copy of the Sappeur by JC.  The flag is a hand painted paper flag.  Colonel-Major Pierre Vrigny, I believe is an early Minfigs casting of unknown number.

 Forming line

 Faire volte-face!  At least I hope so.  I don't really speak French, but that is what google tells me.

The 17e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne passes by for the review of their senior colleagues, led by Colonel Louis Vasserot.

 As a final added dash, the heavy Cuirassiers gallop past with swords drawn.

 With all of these hungry mouths about, the local animals are looking a little worried....

The French forces for the invasion of Russia are small, but their numbers will grow.  I'm working on expanding the guard as they are just so fun to paint, but also some allied contingents.  I am almost through with the musket conversions for the Bavarians, so will have two Bavarian battalions, two Italian battalions, and one Saxon battalion.  For the Imperial Guard I have the Fusilier-Grenadiers, the Flanker-Chasseurs, the 3rd Dutch Grenadiers and a battalion of Seaman of the Guard.  Lots of painting to do! 


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Clearance Continues - Let's Make a Deal!

 All inquiries to

Clan Wars all Metal Dragon

Air Dragon $45 + Shipping

20mm Napoleonic Russians. Newline:
$18 USD + shipping
6 Ural Cossacks (8/2) with extra horses
4 Cossacks in fur hats Bashkirs? Unknown manufacturer
9 RU 7 Hussars
3 RU 5/1 Hussar command

Hovels Inn set – $20 USD
10 patrons/servers
Table and chairs with dishes
Well and pump
water trough

15mm Painted Mill - $15 + Shipping

Very Rare Citadel Historic 25mm Collections

This may very well be a once in a lifetime kind of collection. Very rare Citadel historical miniatures from the early days of our hobby. I had intended these as a Nikephorian Byzantine Army for L'Art de la Guerre, but could be used in practically any system. The vast majority are Citadel historicals, but there are a few of Tom Meier's excellent Byzantine range mixed in when necessary as well plus a few others.

7x8 Heavy spear with missile support
2x8 Heavy Sword with two-handed weapons (Varangians)
2x2 Light Crossbow (Unknown Manufacturer)
3x2 Light Infantry Javelin
2x2 Light Infantry Staff slingers (RAFM)
3x3 Heavy Cavalry Cataphracts
2x3 Medium Cavalry Bow
2x3 Heavy Cavalry Bow
4x2 Light Cavalry Bow
3x1 Genearls and 1 Hornblower
Total of 87 infantry, 32 mounted $450 REDUCED $350

Next is a similar Citadel historical collection of Carolingians. These are extraordinarily hard to find!

6x3 Heavy Cavalry + 1 extra figure
1x2 Light Cavalry Javelin
3x1 Mounted Generals
2x2Light Infantry Javelin
1x2 Light Bow
1x3 Bowmen
5x8 Heavy spear/swordsmen (Swordsmen are easily converted into spearmen)
1x54mm Citadel Carolingian swordsman as zone of control marker

Total of 49 Infantry and 24 Mounted $300  REDUCED $225