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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HOTT 15mm Narnian Army ready for battle

Though not quite complete, I realized with the latest addition of the Fauns and hero element, I had enough elements to field the required 24 points. I still want to paint some Satyrs, especially shooters and blades, as well as a griffin (flyer), and possibly some manticores, but I may save them for an army of the White Witch, which will come sometime in the future. First I want to make an army of Telmarines for the Narnians to beat up on. At present the army consists of 3 knights (centaurs), 2 riders (centaurs), 1 beast (forest animals), 2 spear (fauns) 1 shooter (faun slingers), 1 magician (faun shaman), and 1 hero (Peter, Susan and Edmund - lucy being to young to take part in a battle), for a total of 26 possible points. Below are the latest additions. To see closeups of the other elements, just hit the Narnia label at the left of the screen.

The army arrayed

The contingent of Fauns - these are splendid figures from Splintered Light Miniatures

The Faun Shaman. The ring of stones are made with Sculptamold.

The heros - King Edmund on foot, High King Peter on horseback, and queen Susan. Edmund and Peter are Essex figures and Susan is a converted Vexilia figure for the Italian Condotta. Her expression is a bit more manly and aggresive than I would have liked, but the figure itself was an easy conversion. I simply added the dress (and breasts) with green stuff. From this angle she looks a bit more buxom than she really appears, which I tried to avoid, but with the expression on her face I wanted to make it clear that the figure was female. The human miniatures are a bit more slender in style than the fantasy figures, which actually was a fortuitous accident, as they are meant to represent children.


  1. Wow! What a great looking army.

    I've always wanted to do one in 25mm. This may inspire me to get moving on that!


  2. I echo Tim's comments. Very inspirational. Casting around for figures for such themed armies is always a challenge. 25mm is now looking increasingly more possible with Crocodile Games Satyrs etc., but 15mm is usually far more of a challenge. Well done!

  3. *Cough* Susan seem a mite more 'developed' than I remember her being :)

    Very nice minis!

  4. You can chalk that up to my inexperience in converting miniatures and sculpting!