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Friday, January 1, 2010

DBA Early Samurai Army Completed

Here is the whole army arrayed and ready for Battle. These are all 15mm Eureka figures and are meant to represent the army of Minamoto no Yoritomo, who would become the first Shogun of Japan in the late twelfth century and establish the Kamakura Shogunate.

4 bow elements including one that can be played as a general.

3 blade elements that can be played in place of part or all of the bow elements.

The heart of the army is of course the four cavalry elements, of which one can be played as a general.

5 elements of Auxilia make the samurai army a fast moving bad going army, but in an open field they can be a challenge to play. So far I have been lucky enough to win terrain both times I have played. With lots of bad going around they are a tough army, and so far are 2-0.

The 5 auxilia elements consist of two stands of warrior monks, and three of lesser samurai or well armed peasants.

The big cheese himself, watching the battle from afar.


  1. A Very nice army, i think Samurai may be next, after ive finished the greek and persian wars armies.

    Cheers for sharing


  2. These are great figures and a fantastic paint job, I must see Nic and get some :).


  3. This is a beautiful army, particularly the camp! Well done.

  4. I really like that the bows have strings!

  5. I use horse hair from an old violin bow as bow strings. Its actually quite easy to tack them on with super glue and then trim to size.


  6. One of my favourite armies. Excellent design and execution.

  7. Nice army and very inspirational.

    For the ladies, the faces should be very white, which is a sign of feminine beauty in Japan.

    Avid follower of your blog

  8. Since this is an early Minamoto army, leading to the establishment of the Kamakura period, I opted to not have the ladies in "Geisha" make-up, as I believe that trend developed much later.

  9. Beautiful painting and pieces. The string of bow and the geisha are excellent.

  10. Looks so nice! You also have me inspired to paint one up!

    Where do you get the horsehair old violion bow material from?

  11. I used to play violin, so I just had an old bow lying around. I bet you could pick some up from a violin shop.

  12. How did you repeat the insignia on the banners ?

    (fantastic work!)

  13. Just careful painting. If memory serves I may have actually used a micron ink pen to "paint" the banners. In any event it's all done by hand. Thanks for asking. If you use the pens, make sure you seal the figure first with a spray of Dullcote or something similar before putting on any washes. The ink can really run if not thoroughly dry.

  14. Nice work.
    My club is starting to play DBA - I might dig up my old Essex and minifig strip figure Samurai's and put an army together.
    Very inspirational. Thanks
    Hello from Australia

  15. Glad you found them inspirational. Any excuse to dig out old figures and get them painted is a good thing!

  16. Awesome looking army. I was looking to get the same list for a tournament, and had no idea of exactly what to get. Now I know exactly what to get.

    1. Glad to be of service! Good luck with your tournament. This is a tough army to play if the rounds are timed. Having some rough or bad going is essential, but it tends to slow the game.