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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Italian Velite Grenadiers

The Italian Velite Grenadiers are not quite as well documented in terms of uniform detail, but I have tried to paint a unit as it would have appeared around 1808/09. Once again this is a mix of figures that I had lying around without a purpose, so I was glad to be able to find a use for them. The privates are Hinchcliffe miniatures that I stripped and repainted, the command figures are Old Glory I believe. The Velite Grenadiers did not have a flag, but I do believe were given an eagle.


  1. Hi there! I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Your painting looks gorgeous! I think I'm like you, was away from gaming for a long while and rediscovered it recently. I have a newfound interest in painting as well! My conundrum is I want to paint and sell via ebay or something that will help supplement my spending on my own interests. This will placate the wife, who like you didn't realize how much fun miniature gaming is (and how expensive it can be) lol. My problem is I'd much prefer to paint 25/28's but DBA primarily uses 15's. I'm not against painting 15's but I always thought DBA should be played in 25mm since so few figures are needed anyway. It seems to me many are moving away from that few figures in any event, hence the popularity of Warmaster in 10mm. Warhammer Ancients uses individually based 28mm. I've also seen several DBA versions which use multiple bases (Quadruple DBA comes to mind). I found your site because I was looking up purposeful double sized bases for DBA and just double everything. I want to have my painted figs nicely based like yours are, but therein likes the problem. I want to find a ready audience to sell these things to, but the basing of them will automatically restrict my target audience. Do you think there are enough people out there who might appreciate double sized bases, or do you think I should just stick with conventional basing for sales reasons?

    Thanks for any advice! Feel free to email me if you'd like at
    Clearwater Florida

  2. While a few folks I know use the double basing, I suspect you would really limit your target audience if you intend to sell by doing so. If you want to sell to the DBA community you can get good prices with 15mm figures. I have sold a 25mm DBA army before, but not sure the price I got really reflected the amount of effort put into it.

  3. Very nicely presented figures. I've never seen Hinchliffe figures look so good. I like the topic, too.

  4. Really like the blog and I am indebted to you for that link to the French site!!!!