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Friday, September 30, 2011

HotT Stronghold for 25mm Elves

Statues guarding the entrance to the elven forest stronghold. The statues are old Ral Partha castings also done by Tom Meier I believe. The pedestals are made from wood blocks and plastic card.

The path leading into the forest. The miniatures are by Thunderbolt Mountain.

Love under the trees.

All in all a fun diorama to build. Now it's time to start in on the Orc stronghold featuring the Ral Partha orc war machine complete with dragon skull. Should make for quite a contrast.


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! I just saw the link at TMP and had to have a closer look..Love under the trees, that is right up my is a lot of your minis ...the Thunderbolt mountain figs aren´t available over here,,hopefully some good soul will set up a dealership in europe at some point. Excellent painting and a very well photographed post...

  2. That's beautifully executed, and exactly how I've always imagined Tolkien's Elves or those like them.

    Love it. More, please!

    By the way, who makes the trees?

  3. The tree is a concoction of a life-like brand model railroad tree with a Noch product called sea moss added to fill it out. Then the whole thing was sprayed and green turf added. It was actually a fairly involved and fidly process.

  4. Beautiful! Brilliant! I also like your 15mm Narnian elements. I think those Splintered figs are awesome sculpts for 15mm! Top notch painting and nice basing! Well done! I am looking forward to see more :)

  5. Very beautiful, very elf indeed