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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Early Hebrew 15mm DBA Army

Here we have pictures of a DBA Early Hebrew army made with Vexilia or Venexia 15mm Figures - I always get them confused.  Though the army looks pretty good and did win a painting award at the 2013 Nashcon DBA tourney (2nd place - Terry Webb won a much deserved 1st place prize), their performance in the biblical themed tourney was lackluster at best, or at least my generalship of them was!

The Generals chariot was painted to be an electrum plated chariot.  Probably the Hebrews would not have had the resources for such a luxury, but I figured if the Assyrian king could have one, why not David.

The Philistine / Sea Peoples Allies

Warband and optional Auxilia General

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