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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Islamic Berbers Light Cavalry and Ben Yusuf

This is the various light horse elements for an Islamic Berber army in Spain, with added elements to make it more appropriate for an Islamic army during the crusades in the Middle East.

Ben Yusuf (of El Cid fame) as a light horse general.  The standard is taken directly from the movie, but I must extend my apologies for the Islamic script, as it is an approximation only and more likely resembles a kindergartner's scribbles than any actual phrases.  The figure for Ben Yusuf is actually an Ottoman Turk commander from the Condottieri range.  I added the veil and modified the robe a bit to look more appropriate for the earlier period.

The standard bearer is a converted Turcoman with an added turban and veil

Here we have some Ral Partha Moors.  The sword has been re-positioned into more of a thrusting attack which makes the figure a bit more dynamic.

Another example with the sword in the original position.  The highlighting on the horse in the foreground is a bit heavy handed in this case.  I will admit to struggling with black, especially when there are no clear highlight and shadow areas such as this horse whose musculature is not well defined.

Here I have an element made more for the Syrian desert than North Africa and Spain.  The shields are still of Spanish design, but gone are the black/navy robes of the Berber tribe.

I had a blast with the horse blanket on this figure and was very pleased with the result.

Turcoman light cavalry

Turcoman and tribal light archers.  These are actually Persians that I have converted with head swaps or turbans and veils made out of green stuff.


  1. These are lovely, David! I'm working on some Medieval Muslims myself - though for a little later on and a bit further east... and for a different game... (Seljuk Turks for Lion Rampant)

  2. Nice work, looks like you mix in the different manufacturers well, I see RAFM horses also? I have a few of these old figs, your work inspires me to 'do' Crusades.

  3. They are beautiful, great job!

  4. Thanks all. I do mix in a few other true 25mm old school manufacturers when I can. You'll see some RAFM occasionally, and a lot a Citadel mounted Arabs will be coming soon as well, some mounted on old Iron Brigade horses.