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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Conan of Cimmeria and his Hyborian Allies and Foes

One of the ways I try to keep my painting interest going is to mix up the kind of projects I work on.  So while the last several posts have been about Napoleonics, while I was working on those I almost always had another creative diversion in process as well.  Here are a few new elements for my Hyborian armies from the age of Conan.  Paul Potter is really the guilty party here as he had some lovely Hyborian armies for sale at Nashcon and so provided the bulk of the troops.

Many can be seen here:

Thanks to my daughter I have an anthology of Robert E. Howard's Conan stories that is my bedtime reading these days.  It's a good thing as I am relatively new to the stories, my only exposure to Conan being the movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In any event I now have Kushites, Shemites and Stygian armies ready for the game Hordes of the Things, by Phil and Sue Barker. 

Below is a map of the Hyborian world just to orient any strangers to the world of Conan.

All of the armies needed a few additional elements to really make them playable so I have added a few extras. 

 A Shemite priestess with her Magician acolyte

 A Kushite Shaman and his guard

 The 15mm figures of the shaman, Kushite hero and the Priestess with Magician are all from the miniature line by Crom's Anvil in the UK.

 Kushite Hero

Conan with Valeria

This element was actually mostly Paul's work, but I added a few more bodies to the pile.

Howard must have had a thing for green jade, because he is always writing about green towers of stone rising from the jungle, invariably populated by some horrid monster or wicked sorcerer.  This particular tower was provided by Terry Webb as some swag for attending the Good, Bad, and Ugly Hordes of the Things (HotT) tournament last year.

And lastly, a stronghold for the wicked magician's of Stygia, modeled on the ancient Egyptian culture.  Have to love Amazon as I found this lovely little statue for just a few bucks.

Now that these elements are complete it is time to get these armies out of their cigar boxes and on to a battle ground!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.  Don't forget to follow my blog or drop me a comment if you have enjoyed this work.  Y'all stay safe out there!


  1. You're right eBay(.com) is a wonderful thing but can be addictive as four more lots coming your way will prove!

    Do let us know how the HotT games play and remember to...

    ...crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!

  2. I really enjoyed seeing your figures, I look forward to seeing the coming battles.

    1. With all of the social distancing it may be awhile unfortunately...

  3. I've just started reading the Conan novels again , perhaps a bit dated but a good yarn I find .

    1. I have really enjoyed reading the stories. They are a bit laughable, but they make me smile in a good way!

  4. Thanks for posting about the figures, glad you like them!

    1. Michael,

      Your figures at Crom's Anvil are fantastic. Looking forward to expanding to include a few more!