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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Old School Games Table and One Big Step Closer to Rolica!

 What better way to spend the Fourth of July than in the basement working on a game board.  All of the Independence day fireworks have been cancelled due to the pandemic, so the basement seemed like a good option for the afternoon at least.


 Last weekend I patched the hole I had to cut in the table to accommodate the basement's structural support pillar.  I little filler and some spackle made quick work of this task.  That and a light sanding made it ready for painting.

 Before painting I wanted to cover all of the spackle and white boundary lines of the ping pong table with a relatively uniform shade of green as a primer.  I also painted the support pillar a sky blue and intend to conscript my daughter to paint some pine trees around the lower portion where it emerges from the table.  It will be a really dense impassable forest!

While that was drying a rabbit was outside eating all of my vegetables, so after a culinary decimation of the rodent kind, I wanted to tidy up the garden and put some poultry netting around it.  All of that is just to say I do actually have other chores around the house and it's not all fun a games.  If I could only figure out a way to still make an income and not have to work....

 July the Fourth morning was spent in the Garden before the heat of the day hit.  Not quite finished!

 With my chores done it was time to turn my attention to the game board.  Here I have several contour maps of the Rolica battlefield that I used to guide the cutting of the hillside.

The first layer of 1/2 inch insulation foam board, ready for cutting.  Each subsequent layer represents a 25 foot gain in elevation.

 The contour lines of the hills assembled.  Thank goodness for the hot wire foam cutter I found on clearance several years back at the local art store!

In this shot you can more clearly see the "cuts" into the hillside that the British used to try and advance up the hill.  Lots more work still to do but this is a huge step forward!


  1. Nice to see the battlefield coming on, I can't wait to see the pine trees painted on the pillar - a great idea. Are you going for a plain green old school look or an artistic (fields, etc.) final coat? If the former can I put in a vote for a pale green like WM's as darker shades tend to swallow up the troops
    I'm surprised you didn't feast on rabbit pie for Independence Day - 'Don't Eat my Veg' seems every bit as valid as 'Don't Tread on Me'.

  2. I am painting a smooth satin limeish green called chopped chive. Should be bright enough to bounce a little light back up at the figures:

    I would love to have dined on a little rabbit pie, but living with a vegetarian and a vegan makes that prospect a bit of a sticky wicket so to speak!

    1. I do like the chopped chive!

    2. I reckon WM's is closer to...
      but I think yours looks very like mine - I'll send photo.

    3. I chose chopped chive primarily because I wanted something light enough to bounce light back up at the figures to aid with visibility, but I also liked the way it seemed to compliment the base colors on the figures. I brought home a ton of samples and just plunked down a base of British and French on them to see which color seemed to compliment the figures and basing.

  3. What an extraordinary post, David :) !
    I'm actually quite jealous. I've dreamed of a permanent wargames table, but alas....

    1. And by post I assume you mean that lovely support pole! I can't wait to see what my daughter's artistic skills can do with it! I have the first coat of green down on the terrain and can only hope the second coat tones it down a bit. Right now it looks a bit like a nuclear fallout zone. Some day WM you will have your own permanent table. I took getting both of our youngsters through college before I could devote the time and space to do so. You'll get there I have no doubt!

  4. Your table is coming along nicely David...
    I’m looking forward to seeing it painted.

    I wish rabbits would come and eat my garden... it would save me the effort 😁...

    All the best. Aly

    1. I will not bore you with details, but suffice to say the expense and time involved in rabbit proofing the garden is fairly ridiculous. I'm trying to think of it as a long term investment...

      The second coat of paint is drying on the terrain already. One more should do it and then just the flat surface of the table!