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Friday, May 2, 2008

25mm Polish and French

Just finished these recently so I thought I'd post a few pictures. They are mounted for DBN using the optional double basing method. I love painting 25mm Napoleonics as there is just so much more "meat" to them.

This is an element of Front Rank figures painted as the 7th Polish (Duchy of Warsaw) infantry that served in Spain and Russia. Polish uniforms are notoriously hard to pin down and I have read many different theories on how this particular unit was uniformed. In the end I decided to rely heavily on Haythornthwaites' work, in which he states that they retained their national uniform in spain, unlike the other Polish regiments, and were not uniformed in French style.

I have been wanting to paint a unit of white coated French for literally 25 years and have finally done so. I had some old minifigs lying around that needed to be repainted, so they form the back line of the element, while the front line are all Essex miniatures.

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