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Saturday, June 21, 2008

1806 Jena Prussians

This just in: The Von Beeren Kuirassiers are done. Now that I have the heavy Battle Cavalry, I have enough elements for the Prussians to take the field!

Here are some better pictures of the 1806 Prussians I have been working on. They are a mix of AB and Minifigs. The AB are far superior, but much bigger, so mixing the two has been a challenge. I am currently working on the Kurasiers and Dragoons which will finish out the army.

An Artillery limber which will serve as the camp for now. This is an AB grouping of marvelously sculpted figures.

The general staff - or a bunch of old farts in white powdered wigs, except of course for Blucher, who is sporting the uniform of his famed red hussars.

These are the figures that got me started on this project. Mark, "extra crispy" Severin gave me this Minifigs and some others when he was cleaning out his piles of old lead. I had to change the style of the Shakos to the earlier 1806 style, but otherwise they are very nicely animated figures.

The infantry: Grenadiers in the center and muskets on the wings and behind. Each element is painted to represent a particular regiment. The grenadiers were combined from companies of four different regiments so each figure is painted in the uniform of one of those regiments. The Grenadiers in the middle with the flag are painted to represent a standing unit of the elite 6th battalion of Guard Grenadiers . This is a stand of mixed AB and Minifig figures. The minifigs are standing on cardboard shims to raise them higher and thus minimize the size difference of the two figure manufacturers.

A side view to show off the pretty flags. All the flags are hand painted.

Excellent AB artillery figures. 1 horse artillery battery on the left, and two foot batteries on the right, one being hauled into position with bricoles and drag ropes or prolongs.


  1. Great article ! Not sure how I missed this onee before.

    I started my Jena Prussian project earlier this year - almost done now, after getting massively side tracked.

    Its been a couple of years since you posted this one - hope the troops are doing well, and the project still has some life left in it for you.

    I highly recommend adding some Eureka Saxons as well, if you are in need of a bit of inspiration.

    Great job - love the photography too, you really nailed the lighting and backdrop on this stuff.

  2. Thanks Steve,

    I have indeed gotten some good use out of them with a DBA variant for Napoleonic era battles. A good friend is on the verge of completing an appropriate French army, so hope to have them on the field even more soon. I have some of the Eureka Saxons you mention. To see them just go to the labels on the left hand side of the blog's homepage and hit either Saxon, or Prussian, and you will get more postings.

    Thanks again,