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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hundred Years War English

The HYW English is my core army. I sold off all my old armies which were a mix of figures from various older manufacturers in order to focus on building more homogeneous (in terms of figure manufacturers) armies. The following was my first to meet that goal and morphs easily from Free Company, to HYW English, to Feudal English.

The Black Prince leading the way. I chose him as a leader since he would be appropriate for a free company army in Spain allied with Pedro the cruel vs Henry the Bastard and DuGueslin, or a HYW army in Europe.

Dismounted knights

Support troops and artillery

The Heavy infantry. The spears are in the green and white livery of welsh allies and the blades are in black with the white ostrich feather livery of the Black Prince himself. Some of them wear the leek on their shoulder which I think symbolizes their Welsh heritage, but I'm still not really sure of the story behind the leek.

The longbows: heavy armored bows in back with more lightly armored Welsh bowmen in front wearing the traditional green and white livery.

Here we have the additional elements necessary to field a feudal English army: 2 hordes, a spear, and dismounting cavalry and the three spear to represent them as dismounted. Eventually I will paint an entire feudal English army with more appropriate accoutrement's, but for now the HYW era elements will have to do.


  1. David,
    I did not know you morphed your 100YWE, Cool. I have a couple of armies i am morphing; Normans/Anglo-Normans. Mongol Conquest/Tribal Mongols etc.. Works well I think as long as it is not crazy. Besides it is fun to have a different army with a different flavor of its own.

    Keep up te work on your page, looks good


  2. Thanks Jeff,

    I originally painted the English as a free company tournament "killer" army. Later I added the elements to make it adaptable as a HYW period army. More recently I added the feudal elements so that I could fight Terry Webb's feudal French with a more appropriate army. Besides - I was tired of steamrolling all those poor French with my HYW longbows!

  3. Very Nice Pictures !

    great job


  4. Nice painting, and nice photos. I need to figure out how to make my camera do a shallow depth of field (blurry in the background) I like that look.
    Maybe someday I'll finish my 15mm DBA Dacians. I like the idea of 15mm, but don't enjoy painting that small.

  5. Andrew, the depth of field is actually pretty deep for a shot of 15mm figures. I think I shot these around f11. The background is relatively distant though. The camera may be just 4-6 inches from the subject, but the blurred background may be twice or three times that distance away. The HYW shots were done outside in natural light in a shady spot with a reflector bouncing a little light to one side. Very low tech but effective.


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