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Sunday, February 8, 2009

HoTT Wax Tournament - Narnians Triumphant!

Robin Hood Update - Figures Rebased and Ready

The Robin Hood HotT army was this year's HotT Wax tournament prize painted and provided by David McBride at Splintered Light Miniatures. I wanted to rebase them just so they would be consistent with my own style, especially since I wanted to add a couple of Hero elements which you can see above. These are Essex miniatures and represent Richard the Lion Heart and Ivanhoe. They can be played as heroes or knights. I also wanted to rearrange the character figures of Robin Hood and Maid Marian etc. In the process of rebasing I decided to darken the skin tones a bit just to fit my personal taste.

The Characters - Friar Tuck on the left will play as a cleric, Robin Hood with Maid Marian and some of his merry men will play as a hero element, and Little John, Alan-a-Dale, and will Scarlett will either play as a hero element or as a lurker.

The merry men - seven elements of shooters.

The peasantry - eight elements of warband.

These are great figures in wonderful dynamic poses. It took a bit of doing, but I rearranged the figures so that none of the staves were sticking off the ends of the stands.

A typical shooter stand. Once again Splintered light has provided some great dynamic figures.

A closer shot of Robin Hood with Maid Marian. I wanted to use some gold in her outfit to distinguish her as being of noble birth and a bit out of place with the woodsmen. She even has some gold braided through her hair, at least that is what it is supposed to look like.


The Narnians emerged victorious from the field of battle in Columbus Ohio. HoTT Wax was a blast, with twenty participants all sporting some magnificent armies. With a lot of help from the die, I took first place and came back to Nashville with a nicely painted Robin Hood army courtesy of Splintered Light Miniatures and David McBride. The die gods were giving me good Karma for making the long drive with Terry Webb and Paul Potter. Many thanks to David Zecchini for all his efforts to put Hott Wax together for us!

hopefully the final iteration of the Narnian army! I had enough elements to pick and choose from this fairly massive army that I was able to pick a winning combination. My tournament army consisted of 1 hero, 1 beast, 1 flyer, 2 behemoths, 2 knights, 1 rider, 2 warband, 2 spears, and 3 shooters for a 36 AP army.

A view of the Narnian host from lower down. I opted not to use the magician, or paint Aslan as a god element due to the vagaries of fate from which these elements can suffer.

I fielded both of these behemoths and they played a crucial role in almost all my victories. I finished them just hours before we had to leave, and I was extremely glad to have pushed to get them done. These are wonderful Splintered Light castings.

To the victor goes the spoils, which in this case was a wonderful Robin Hood army painted by none other than the proprietor of Splintered light. Thanks David!

Maid Marian and Robin Hood with some of his gang. I may remount this as a Hero stand, but I'll have to think about that for a while.

Will Scarlet, Little john and the Minstrel Alan a Dell.

Of course no army with Robin Hood would be complete without Friar Tuck! Great fun at HoTT Wax. Thanks again for all who played and put this wonderful tournament together.


  1. I think the die gods were favouring you because you had an awe inspiring army!!!

    Bravo, sir!

    And congratulations on defeating the the forces of tyranny and darkness!

  2. I don't need another army, and yet your Narnians keep tempting me.

  3. Personally, I think I'd avoid using Aslan, too. Mainly because, as a fan of the books, it'd bother me that he was defeatable in-game as it could generate unthematic occurences.

  4. Makes me want to create a Hott army! Very nice!