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Monday, February 2, 2009

Narnian's ready for HoTT Wax

My friends and I have decided to make a road trip up to Columbus Ohio to join the fun at HoTT Wax. The powers that be have decided we will be using 36 Army points instead of the usual 24, which has inspired me to actually finish painting the rest of the wonderful Splintered Light figures I got at last year's Nashcon in May. I have added several elements of satyrs and a flyer. I'm also currently painting a couple of elements of minotaurs which I will play as behemoths if I can get them finished before Friday. Here are the results of my efforts:

Here we have the satyr warband. The figures are a tad large and might have fit on a 20mm deep base, but as I had to use a deeper 20mm base for the elements of 4 spear, I decided to go with a deeper 30mm base to make it more apparent that these were warband and not 3 blade.

The warband general. I'll probably play him as a regular element and have my hero stand or centaurs be the general's element.

Here we have 2 elements of satyr shooters and a spear. These will mix well with their faun brethren to give me three elements of spear and three elements of shooters, which I hope will be enough. The spears are a great all around element, but they are slow in comparison to the rest of the army, so they may get left in the box if I have enough Army points to do so.

This is one of the smallish Ral Partha griffins from the 1980's and as such, he mixes well with the Splintered Light miniatures which tend to be a bit on the big side. I'm not a frequent HoTT player, so learning how to use this guy to my best advantage will be a challenge. I figure I've got five hours in a car with an expert HoTT player, so I hope to pick his brain for some strategic hints. Looking forward to seeing everyone at HoTT Wax.

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  1. The army looks awesome. I love those satyrs and fauns by Splintered Light. We look forward to hosting you guys. Drive safe.