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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Building a Light Weight 4'x4' Foldable Wargaming Board

Now that a larger board is desirable for DBA 3.0, I decided to retire my 3' boards and go for 4'x4'. To make it small enough to fit in the car I have hinged together two 2'x4' boards. The boards themselves are made of pink insulation foam board for light weight. The hinges and edges are made from black gorilla brand duct tape. The board was then painted, sprayed with adhesive and flocked. I'll do a protective over spray once I am satisfied with the flocking.

Now a 50/50 mix of white glue and water was applied to secure flowers, shrubs, rocks and larger details that might otherwise rub off. Looks pretty ugly until it dries. The initial application of flock was not very smooth, so rather than fight it, I decided to vary the flock and ground materials.

The finished board. In the first shot you can see how the thick 50/50 glue mixture mashed down the flock and darkened it. It looks a little funky in this picture in bright sun, but actually on a table and lying flat in a room the effect is quite appealing. After this thick white glue mixture was applied, the whole board was sprayed with a much more dilute white glue and water mixture.

My only concern at this point is that the shrubs and rocks will be to rough a surface for elements to lay flat.  The rocks and bushes are pretty well spread out so I suspect will not be a big deal, but I'll report back after the first game.  Now I just have to make another one so I can get out my triple sized Big Mac Attack and the Persians to put on a big battle DBA game.

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