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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kings of War Undead

Skeleton archers made from a mix of Mantic skeletons, and mostly Wargames Factory skeletons.  The WF skeletons are delicate little guys, but I love the look.  I have mounted them on bases 3 or 4 to a stand so that the majority could be taken off the movement stand and used for Hordes of the Things.

Another unit of skeleton archers.

The movement bases are made from thin plywood with a balsa wood lip around the edge.

A regiment of skeletons.  I made the movement trays to hold a troop, so that I can field these as two troops or a regiment depending on my need.

A battery of balefire catapults.  I painted these, as well as the rest of the units, already mounted to their bases using mostly thinned washes of color to speed the process.

A regiment of wraiths in their baleful green.  These were fun and obviously very easy to paint.

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