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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

25mm Napoleonic Sampler for DBN

My Napoleonic miniatures languished for many years inside the dark recesses of their cardboard coffins, but my discovery of DBN, a rules set for napoleonics based on the DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) principles has breathed new life into that era for me. I have chosen to double base the troops using bases twice the size of the 15mm bases. This makes for elements of eight infantry (for Line), while I have stuck to the cavalry recomendations of 3 or 4 figures per element. An element represents about 2000 infantry. Thus I have been frantically rebasing my old figures for DBN, while adding new units as well.

First - the old, good, bad and ugly: These are really old minifigs that I tried to spruce up a bit when I rebased them. Lord only knows how many coats of paint they have.

Below are a few samples of Hinchliffe French units that I have been trying to make presentable while not completely stripping off all the old paint. These were originally painted when I was about 14 years old...a mere thirty years ago.

Now for the good stuff: A mix of Perry, Foundry and Front Rank:

Of course no army would be complete without the big cheses, so here they are in all their glory, including his highness, the biggest cheese:

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