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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Camillan Roman army

The Old Glory Camillan Roman's are quite a bargain. I found the figures to be quite well sculpted, especially in comparison to their Greek and Italians. I will eventually have a BBDBA army of these guys, and the number of figures you get with each bag lends itself nicely to a triple strength army. I got these on sale, but was unable to find a bag of psiloi, so I purchased the psiloi from Crusader. Can't say enough about the quality of the figures and the service I received from Crusader in the UK.

The army arrayed

Cavalry and Cavalry command

A view of the Romans that only the general should ever see.

The Principes - spear

The Hastati - blade

The psiloi


  1. I like the rear view of the Romans - exactly what a Carthaginian cavalry commander likes to see too.

    Came across a link to your blog on TMP; hope you don't mind me following.


  2. Welcome aboard! Glad you enjoyed the site.