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Saturday, February 16, 2008

DBA Pyrhic army

With the addition of the following elements, I can easily morph my triple BBDBA Alexandrian Macedonian army into a Pyrhic army. The figures are mostly Old Glory and are meant to represent the Italian allies of Pyrhus, such as the Samnites, some helenized coastal cities (Foundry Miniatures - Greeks), Tarantine light cavalry, and shielded heavier cavalry. There is of course the addition of three jumbos as well, two of which are Old Glory castings, and one a converted Dacian elephant from Gripping Beast Miniatures.

Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo

The army arrayed

Italian Samnite Auxilia

Italian ally spearmen

Helenized Italian ally spearmen

Tarantine light Cavalry

Shielded heavy cavalry

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