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Monday, February 18, 2008

Alexandrian Macedonian 25mm BBDBA army

The Alexandrian Macedonians were my first Big Battle De Bellis Antiquitatis (BBDBA) army. It all started when my local hobby shop decided to not carry Foundry miniatures and put their remaining stock on clearance. Over the course of the next year I kept buying all the "World of the Greeks" range that I could, supplementing with Old Glory, Essex and Navigator when I couldn't get the Foundry equivalent at an affordable price. The results are shown below.
The pikes advance. Eastern Phalanx and old veterans take to the front
Lots of pointing things on which to impale yourself
Navigator (I think) later Thracians w/ spear or rhomphia
Old Glory peltasts - Normally I like Old Glory, but these were some of the ugliest figures I have ever purchased. By doing a lot of transplant surgery, hacking off limbs and heads, I was able to assemble about half a bag of what I thought were acceptable figures.
Nicely painted shields though!
The Peltasts
The Hypaspysts - probably they didn't have uniform shield designs, but this helps to distinguish them on the miniature field of battle from the pikes
The Greek and Macedonian Cavalry
The knight generals and companions
The artillery and camp followers
Note the unlucky fellow with the arrow in his chest.
The light horse

1 comment:

  1. I love this army! Superb paintjob! I hope to see more of these in the future. I painted a 25mm DBA Seleucid army :

    Regards from Germany
    der Figurenschieber