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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mayans are Ready for the Jungle

The Mayans are now ready for the March 22nd tournament at Wargames, but as to how they will fare.... 8 Aux, 2 Blade, 1 Bow, and 1 psiloi... I sure hope I get to be the defender and set terrain, otherwise I'm hosed. I just spoke to Baxter at Wargames, and he tells me the winner will come away with an Essex Alexandrian Macedonian army, A sweet prize! As two of our local ringers will be unable to make it, and I will be playing a real powerhouse Mayan army, the chances are excellent for a novice or occasional player to take home the prize.

Essex Aztecs masquerading as Mayan auxilia.

Porters trudging through the homeland. The tree is from Lifelike, as is the brush and high grasses. The rocks are made from a plaster impregnated paper product called Sculptamold.

The whole gang

A bad a## auxilia unit with the central warrior standing on the highground made from more sculptamold paper mache. I'm worried people will mistake this for the general's element, but I'll just have to make an extra effort to point out the real general.

Here he is. The stand on the left with the conch shell trumpeter is the general's element. Hopefully the giant headdress will make that clear.

Psiloi hiding in the rocks and bushes

The only unit that a knight army needs to fear - sigh.

More red body paint and stripy guys.