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Monday, June 6, 2011

Pict HotT Elements

For the HotT iteration of the Picts, I decided morphing psiloi into shooters would be appropriate, and to tie them in to the theme of the historical army, I have based them in a similar style with streams and rocky ground.

Additional elements of Warband just to give the army a touch of that fanatic zeal of the Picts.

This is an old camp that I revamped for the Picts. I had intended to make a Brooch camp, but maybe at a later date.

The hero element. He was the only one in the army well travelled enough to get a full sized non shaggy horse.

Hunting dogs will play as a beast element.

A Grendel type monster for a Behemoth. Thanks to Terry Webb for this figure. Hope he doesn't tromp on all the flowers, or eat them!

This is my favorite element. A splintered light Dryad is the focus of the efforts of three druids as they call upon her power to cast a spell. The Dryad is a marvelous casting which I flocked with fiber floss to give a base for some coarse ground cover and leaves. The leaves are a Noch model railroading product.

Of course being a hero, he demands extra face time, so here is one more picture.