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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Italian Condotierri and Tarlington's Dragoons

This month was a bit different from my normal painting endeavors, but I will start with an example of things to come. Above is a modified Ral Partha 25mm Swiss Crossbowman to play the part of an Italian sword and buckler man. I will be working on a Venetian Italian Condotierri army based on DBA-Hx and DBA-RRR made from this wonderful old line of figures. The detail on these is marvelous, and should provide many painting challenges as well as inspirations. The original figure is below.

I was suckered into some 54mm figures at Nashcon (it didn't take much to push me in that direction). These are American War of Independence figures by All the Kings Men. These are my first attempt at 54mm and were a blast to paint. The horses are plastic and proved a bit difficult to work with, especially in terms of removing all of the mold lines, but I did what I could. The original heads provided for the metal riders were a bit small, so I opted to modify some larger heads from the 1812 line and was quite pleased how that endeavor turned out. The cavalry represent Tarleton's Dragoons. Next up are some British light infantry.