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Saturday, April 22, 2023

More Scrubyness - 1806 Prussians

Mike from Historifigs was kind enough to do a test casting of his Scruby 1806 Prussian mold.  These will be painted as Spanish.  Simple figures but I think we can do something special with them.

3144 and 3145 (Grenadier)

3141 and 3142 (Grenadier)

3146 (officer with sword) and 3147 (Listed in catalogue as 3178? Artilleryman)

3148C on trotting horse

Monday, April 17, 2023

54mm Hinton Hunt and Stadden Figures

 I trust I am not the only military modelling enthusiast who has this problem, but in a moment of weakness I decided I could not pass on this lot of 54mm figures I discovered on eBay.  Some are in need of repair, but on the whole, not too bad for 50-60 year old figures.  If any of you grognards and collectors out there can help confirm my IDs or give them an ID for the few that are missing, I'd very much appreciate the help.  I have some Hinton Hunt catalogues and Tradition catalogues for the Stadden figures, but there are not always photographs available, so in some cases the ID is by process of elimination.

I'm sending these to fellow collectors who would like to take a crack at an old 54mm figure, with the hope that I can have a painted memento of the folks who I have met and corresponded with as I have been working on the Tennant/Crenshaw Collection.  One of these days I hope to have contributed enough in volume and style to call it the Crenshaw/Tennant collection, but there is a long way to go yet!  In any event if you would like to take a crack at one of these, let me know and I will arrange postage to you and back to me when appropriate.  It will be fun to post pictures of the finished figures as they come in.

 S 373 Hinton Hunt Russian Cuirassier

S 335 Hinton Hunt Tirailleurs de Po

S 181 Hinton Hunt Voltigeur - Correction: Legion Piedmontaise ou du Midi Voltigeur. 

S 388 Hinton Hunt (set of 2) British Dragoon Officer

S 388 Hinton Hunt (set of 2) British Dragoon Trooper

Stadden - World War I personality figure?  This looks almost exactly like the figure for Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovitch in the Uniform of the 17th Hussar Regiment, but the hand and head positioning is different. 

Confirmed - S122 Hinton Hunt Crimean War Highlander from the 71st Light Infantry

Nice that it is a historical period late enough to have an actual source photograph!

AA3 Hinton Hunt Zulu War British Private

Unknown - Missing standard

Stadden - British Peninsular soldier with dog

Stadden - Crimean War Russian Infantry Officer

Stadden - French Private in Shako 1804 - 1812 Fusilier

Stadden - General De Hilliers in Dragoon Uniform

Stadden - Gunner RHA 1815

Stadden - French Line Cavalry Hussar 

Stadden French Line Cavalry Trumpeter in Parade Dress

S 10 Hinton Hunt 1809-1815 Austrian 'German' Infantry

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Scrubylicious - Resurrecting Some Classics

 For this Easter weekend I felt it appropriate to make a post about resurrection, in this case some wonderful old castings originally sculpted by Jack Scruby, now ably curated and cast by Mike Taber of Historifigs.  While the molds are beginning to show their age, I was pleasantly surprised by how clean the castings turned out.  The detail is somewhat sparse, I suspect more as a product of the era they were sculpted than in the molds.  This sparsity of detail actually lends them a classic toy soldier charm and I am very excited to see how they will turn out with a little paint.


This is a two piece casting mounted on a GST-horse-1 in 25mm, this is Mike's standard for mounted officer figures. It is a combo effort: Greenwood, Scruby, and Taber.

3076 one piece casting

Here is a painted example from my early days starting in on this project. 


This is an interesting figure with either an open jacket or a somewhat short greatcoat.  Regardless it should make for a nice unique figure of a General officer.


This one will make an excellent Colonel so I may be begging Mike for some more!

Thanks again to Mike Taber at Historifigs for dragging out these old molds and spinning up some officers for me!

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Voluminous Voltigeurs - the 6th Legere in Skirmish Order

 The previous iteration of the 3rd battalion of the 6th legere was a mish mash of Der Kriegspieler, Hinton Hunt and Alberken figures, all mounted in skirmish order.  The rather odd combination of figures never really impressed me, so I decided to model some additional Hinton Hunt Voltigeurs as if the three battalions sent forward all of their Voltigeurs in a skirmish line.  The figures below are meant to represent a portion of the 6th Legere when in skirmish order, with Voltiguers from all three battalions.  In addition I added a Carabinier command group, which along with 6 other Carabinier figures, will serve as the regimental reserve.  I'd love to find a few more Alberken FN05 Chasseurs firing, but until such a time, the regiment will only field one skirmish unit of Chasseurs.

You really have to love the colpacks with their colorful plumes and of course the tri-color epaulets.

Still working on my technique for the brown and white leather backpacks for the French.

Voltigeurs firing - a mix of Hinton Hunt (standing) and Alberken (kneeling) figures.  These close cousins mix just fine.

The only major difference is the backpacks on the Hinton Hunt figures.

While I love the commanding officer in colpack, I think I can safely say the standard bearer is an example of a failed conversion of an old DK figure.  :(  Some day he may get replaced.  I like the flag though.

He looks pretty good from behind...

One the painting desk - Another battalion of combined Grenadiers for the assault on the Vimeiro Village itself.  This battalion will be made from Lamming figures.


Thanks to Wellington Man for these fantastic figures!