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Friday, December 30, 2011

Han Dynasty and Warring States Chinese

The impetus for building this army came from a purchase of a fantasy Chinese army which I realized could serve as the core of a historical force as well. Some of these are the only painted miniatures I have ever purchased, and the painter had a style similar to my own, but really lavished attention on them so I just couldn't resist.

This camp was made utilizing one of the two dragons that came with the painted army. The trees are a model railroading product called sea moss, and the lions are part of an aquarium decoration.

Here are two other fantasy elements, a magician and a hero. The magician stand came with the fantasy army, but the hero was my own addition. There is also another dragon like the one in the camp scene, only painted primarily red.

The camp scene above is for the historic DBA warring States or Han Dynasty army. The rice paddy was made by using long grass and another railroad product called scenic water. I had several water products to choose from, but I think my favorite turned out to be one made by Vallejo paints.

I had intended to create more rice shoots, but the process was so tedious I decided to pretend the field had not been completely planted yet.

Han Dynasty General by Essex. I was very pleased with how this element came out, and particularly liked the gold silk robe of the general.

Here's a better view of the riders in the chariot.

The light horse. Most of these were my additions, but two in the back row came with the original army. The Han Dynasty army has two options, one that is a mixed force and one that is primarily mounted, hence all the additional light horse and cavalry elements.

A Total of five cavalry elements were needed as an addition to make all of the necessary cavalry.

These marvelously painted chariots came with the original army. Bless the gentleman who did all the work on the diamond pattern horse blankets!

The Dagger axe men will play as spears.

A few of the warring States period armies call for warband. These are supposed to be fanatic swordsmen for the most part with the job of collecting trophy heads.

Crossbowmen formed the backbone of a lot of chinese armies. Two of these came with the painted army, but I had to add a couple more to cover all of the historic DBA options.

Last of all are a 3 blade stand and some psiloi. I never could figure out the code for the Essex halbard men. I believe large Halbards like these were used, but most heavy infantry relied on the dagger axe.

More Romans arrive

I recently sold an army of Romans and Pyhric Macedonians but had enough left over that I wanted to finish up an army for myself, so here they are. Above are the Velites which are by Crusader Miniatures I believe. The one in the wolf's head may be a Navigator miniature but I am far from sure on that one.

Here we have the Italian ally spear and Auxillia, probably Samnites. The miniatures are by Old Glory.

The Roman cavalry general on the right and the Itallian ally cavalry on the left, all by Old Glory.

These are the Triari, the grisseled veterans of the Roman army and are painted after an illustration in the John Warry book on classical warfare that caught my eye back when I first started this hobby some thirty years ago. The shields are hand painted and then splattered by using a toothbrush rubbed with paint.

They are a frightening looking lot!

In contrast to the Triari, here are the Hastati, the young men, armed with pila and sword which were just making their appearance at this time.

Once again the shields are all hand painted and modeled after a design in the John Warry book.

Finally we have the Principes, still armed with spear at this point, but still tough as nails.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Early Roman and Italian Allies

The core of this army has sold but I may be able to offer one more Camillan army as well as a Gallic army in the near future so keep you eyes open for them.

Italian javelin men take the lead with spear and Tarentine light cavalry in support. These figures were originally intended to be part of a Pyrhic DBA army, but could work just as well as Campainian or Brutian allies for the early Romans as they began to expand their empire.

The Italians were lots of fun because of the variety of shield shapes and designs that they used. Their tunics were also nice and colorful with lots of geometric patterns.

A view of the entire army from the Snoopy blimp. All in all 3 elements of Italian javelinmen, 4 elements of Italian spear, 2 heavy Italian cavalry with some funky counterweighted spears, 3 elements of Tarentine light cavalry, 6 elements of Roman Leves or Velites, 3 elements of Hastati, 9 elements of Principes or triari, and 3 elements of heavy Roman cavalry.

A view of the Roman heavy Cavalry

The main Roman body; to the front, the Hastati, in the middle and rear, the Principes and Triari, all mud splattered veterans ready for battle. They really are a grim looking lot!

A better view of the Principes.

The light infantry support. I believe these are crusader miniatures, which are quite excellent.

A close-up of the grim Roman cavalry veterans with their shields stained with the blood of their enemies and the mud of the territory they have conquered.

My original intent was to sell these as two DBA armies, but after seeing them all together like this I am having second thoughts. Nevertheless if interested in acquiring these please contact

Friday, September 30, 2011

HotT Stronghold for 25mm Elves

Statues guarding the entrance to the elven forest stronghold. The statues are old Ral Partha castings also done by Tom Meier I believe. The pedestals are made from wood blocks and plastic card.

The path leading into the forest. The miniatures are by Thunderbolt Mountain.

Love under the trees.

All in all a fun diorama to build. Now it's time to start in on the Orc stronghold featuring the Ral Partha orc war machine complete with dragon skull. Should make for quite a contrast.

HotT Narnian additional elements

New Narnian Elements

I have had most of these around for a while, but I just finished the Dryads and crows, which inspired me to finally photograph the rest of these fantastical critters.

Above is a Ral Partha Hill Troll which, though a 25mm figures, double perfectly as a giant for my Narnians.

This is another Ral Partha 25mm casting, a bit large perhaps, but for a hero element being a bit on the large size seems appropriate. I stole this miniature from my daughter, but she didn't seem to mind.

I added a couple of new beast elements and this one includes a Splintered Light mouse which is meant to represent Reepicheep, though I must admit I liked the swashbuckling interpretation in the movies a bit better.

This is another great miniature by Splintered Light. A real pain to put together, but worth the effort!

The murder of crows takes flight. I will play this as an aerial element.

These are one of my all time favorite sculpts and once again come from Splintered Light Miniatures. I will play these dryads as either beasts or behemoths, or even possibly lurkers. The folliage is an addition made with spray painted fiber floss material with turf and scale leaves glued to the fibers.

The big man himself, Aslan. I don't like playing with God elements so I usually use him as a hero or hero general.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thunderbolt Mountain Elves

Here are some pictures of my latest project underway. These are Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures which will be used in a stronghold for my 25mm Elf army.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pict HotT Elements

For the HotT iteration of the Picts, I decided morphing psiloi into shooters would be appropriate, and to tie them in to the theme of the historical army, I have based them in a similar style with streams and rocky ground.

Additional elements of Warband just to give the army a touch of that fanatic zeal of the Picts.

This is an old camp that I revamped for the Picts. I had intended to make a Brooch camp, but maybe at a later date.

The hero element. He was the only one in the army well travelled enough to get a full sized non shaggy horse.

Hunting dogs will play as a beast element.

A Grendel type monster for a Behemoth. Thanks to Terry Webb for this figure. Hope he doesn't tromp on all the flowers, or eat them!

This is my favorite element. A splintered light Dryad is the focus of the efforts of three druids as they call upon her power to cast a spell. The Dryad is a marvelous casting which I flocked with fiber floss to give a base for some coarse ground cover and leaves. The leaves are a Noch model railroading product.

Of course being a hero, he demands extra face time, so here is one more picture.