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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Russian Cossacks Plodding Along

It has been so long since I started these Cossacks, that I thought I needed to at least share some photographic evidence they they have not been abandoned.  Here they are, slowly taking shape:

 All the lances were painstakingly replaced and now I am realizing the challenge of painting these old Der Kriegspieler figures in earnest.  Some castings are great with subtle detailing, whereas as others are going to require a lot of painting skill to make any kind of detail show.  Hopefully I'm up to the challenge, but the detail bits are yet to come.

The current state of my painting desk is one of the reasons the Cossacks are taking so long.  I have tons of small projects underway and have also been trying to clear out excess lead through some garage sale posting (more to come today!), so there has been a challenging lack of painting space.