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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Marian Roman Army Completed

Marian Roman DBA army made from Testudo Miniatures. 1x3Cv (Gen) or 1x4Bl (Gen), 1x3Cv or 2LH or 3Ax, 8x4Bl, 2x2Ps. The Testudo figures are large, but very well sculpted with lots of dynamic poses, and done in a way that they rank up well. The Auxilia stand in the middle are converted psiloi figures meant to represent Gallic allies that have been partially re-equipped in Roman fashion.

The Legions. Testudo figures come with an optional shield either with or without sculpted designs. All of my shields have the winged design sculpted on them, so I was somewhat limited in how I could paint them.

Optional Blade General Stand

The Roman Cavalry general on the right with Gallic allied light horse and cavalry to the left. There really were no Roman cavalry figures available to me, so I converted figures from the command pack.

The camp made with tents from Bauda and more Testudo command figures.