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Thursday, May 5, 2011

DBA Picts 400-600 AD

Well here they are at last - the Picts! I "pict" these up last year at Nashcon and it has taken me almost precisely one year to get them on the painting table and finished thanks to a host of distraction both in my real life and on the painting table.

The whole army arrayed. It can be played as both the a or b option and will soon include elements to make it morph into a HotT army as well.

These elements were the most fun to make. I figured the lush but rugged landscape of scotland would have lots of streams and exposed rocks. I even threw in some flowers for color.

The spear general and the only figures in mail other than the Chariot and Cavalry Generals.

Some of the spear and slingers. The slingers may be Testudo figures, but all of the rest are from Splintered Light Miniatures, with the possible exception of the trumpeter.

The head man himself complete with shaggy ponies. It has to be said that the mounted units look a bit odd, but I think may actually be quite accurate, as they did ride ponies, not the full sized horses we are used to seeing depicted.