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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ral Partha Elf Chariot and companions

I first saw this elf chariot sculpted by Tom Meier back in the 80's. I couldn't afford it back then so it rekindled my youthful wishes to field an elf army when I picked this model up. I have slowly amassed all the figures necessary for a 25mm HoTT army which is painted for the most part. I'll post more pictures when it is done, but here are some quick shots for now:

There is so much detail sculpted onto these marvelously showy horses, that I must admit that I stared at them for months before I could summon up the courage to paint them. They actually turned out to be fairly easy to paint. I used one of my daughters horse books to come up with the color scheme for them, which I thought ended up complementing the blues of the chariot quite nicely.

The Hero and his trumpeter. Once again these were very detailed sculpts, but they were deceptively easy to paint, despite the fact that I kept finding new details of the models as I painted. Mr. Meier really has a fine eye for detail.

The horses: I just love all the accouterments.

A group of four archers that will serve as a command element if I ever decide I want a shooter as a general. The strings of the bows are made from horse hair that I stole from my violin bow.

A close up of some elf cavalry that will serve as knights. I've got one more element of these which I think I will paint in a predominantly green color scheme. I'm working on some horse archers as well which will make up three elements of riders. With any luck I'll have these ready for Nashcon which is held every year at the end of may.