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Sunday, February 4, 2024

Napoleon's Beautiful Daughter - All 12 Pounds of Her!

I've been slowly expanding my French Imperial Guard forces made with Der Kriegspieler 1/72 scale metal miniatures.  Sometimes the Der Kriegspielers can be challenging castings to work with but these turned out to be pretty good quality.  In particular the canon and limber set were nicely cast.  

While I normally just model a four horse limber, for the heavy twelve pounders I felt like I had to go with the full six!

The traces for the horses were made from a spool of twisted wire.  I was hoping it would give the traces a rope like look to match the work done by Dick Tennant on the line artillery limbers, but it came out looking more like leather, which is actually fine since that is what was actually used.

In the old school rules I use the gun represents two actual canons and each crew member represents a canon.  So here is an eight gun 12 pounder battery deployed for action.  As casualties are assessed, the loss of a crew member equates to the loss of a gun.

The 12 pounder French Canon is my favorite of the DK artillery.  I added the drag chains to the carriage and the fuse to the slow match of the corporal in charge of firing the canon.

I can't imagine they actually worked the guns in their bearskins, backpacks and slung rifles, but it looks cool!

The Battery commander is a fantastic casting and looks spectacular in his gold aiguilettes and cords.

Next up - The 2nd Battalion of the Irish Legion.  These were originally painted by Dick Tennant.  I am just giving the a good cleaning and sprucing them up a bit as a compliment to the 1st battalion currently under way by Wellington Man that can be seen on the Hinton Spieler blog.