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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Updated 1/72 British Artillery Model Comparison and WIP

Updating the 1/72 Scale British Artillery Comparison Chart
Thanks to one of our readers I have some updated measurements and a description of how they are designated.  The diagrams below specify the length measured A-F.  Thanks to some techno-wizardry in Excel, for which I am not responsible, the cells highlighted in yellow show measurements that are within an accepted tolerance of the prototype, scaled down to 1/72.  Now if only I could get my hands on some Les Higgins artillery...

UPDATED - added Der Kriegspieler, which may be a reasonable proxy for Hinton Hunt, and CinC to the chart.  Many thanks to Rob for providing the CinC specs.  Of interest as well is that while the Airfix gun is provided as part of an RHA set, it actually scales out fairly well as a 9pdr, rather than the more typical 6pdr used by the RHA.  The gun type itself is unspecified by the set.

A comparison shot for axle width and wheel height.  Note the absence of ammunition chests on the DK gun carriages.

From left to right: Der Kriegspieler, Hinchliffe 20mm, SHQ (all 6 pdrs), Hinchliffe 20mm, Hagen, Der Kriegspieler (all 9 pdrs) - of note is that Hagen guns come with both barrel sizes, and as they are heroically scaled, the 9 pounder I have shown here is actually the smaller 6 pounder barrel, so I have taken some license to make a reasonably scaled Hagen artillery piece.

Many thanks to our benefactor who took the time to put this together!  Measuring these little buggers is a bear, so there may be some variability in the measurements presented.  If you note anything egregious let me know and I will correct.


Lest you think I have been idle and relying solely on the work of other, below are some works in progress

The Portuguese have finally made their way onto the battlefield at Rolica.  Having never shown up during the battle with Wellington Man, I figured if I ever got them spruced up and on proper bases, we might actually roll for the event that brings them onto the field.  Dick Tennant painted these originally so maybe I am relying on the work of others!

Pictured in the foreground is a regiment of Dragoons with a cavalry brigade commander and aide de camp, as well as the 2nd battalion of the 6th Portuguese infantry.  The 1st Battalion is on my painting desk.

Waiting in the wings for prep work is a regiment of Bavarian Chevau-Leger to accompany the 11th Von Kinkel Infantry Regiment recently completed and featured in my last post.

The aforementioned 1st battalion of the 6th Portuguese infantry getting ready to have their battle scars touched up, a little shading and highlighting, and then a good protective coat of Windsor and Newton Oil Varnish.

36 figures of the Dutch 3rd Grenadiers coming along, but on hold until the weather warms a bit.  Really excited to see how these turn out!

Here's why there hasn't been more progress on the painting front - It's really cold!

Bozie and Darla enjoying the snow.  With so little traffic they got to spend the walk off leash!

This year I decorated one of our small dogwoods with red Christmas lights and my dear one like it so much she asked to leave it up until after Valentines day.  It was beautiful to see reflecting on the falling snow this week.