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Monday, June 21, 2021

A Miscellany of Colonels, a New Mom, and the 6th Cacadores

 Anticipating a need for some more Colonels to lead the Portuguese Brigade, and another battalion of Dutch Grenadiers, I decided to knock out their Colonels so they could busy themselves recruiting the rank and file while I work on other projects.


From left to right are:  Colonel Ralph Dundas Tindall of the 3rd Dutch Grenadiers of the Imperial Old Guard, a Vivandiere who follows him to battle, Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Pamplona and his subordinate, a British Lt. Colonel for the 18th Portuguese 2nd battalion.

Colonel Pampolona - possibly to be renamed as Lt. Col. Sebastião Pinto de Araújo Correia (both commanded the 18th so it is just a matter of who commanded at the most appropriate time), started life as an SHQ British Colonel.  A head swap and a little tinkering with the position of the arm and viola - a Portuguese Lieutenant Colonel.  I'm hoping the head came from a Dave Clayton recast, otherwise the gods of all thing Hinton Hunt may never forgive me.

Colonel Tindal started life as a Franznap Old Guard Colonel in campaign uniform.  Another head swap with an SHQ Old Guard Grenadier gave him some more formal attire for his sandy locks, and some judicious trimming with an x-acto knife got rid of the greatcoat over his shoulder.

He turned out to be a suitably haughty regal fellow.

Another Franznap sculpt to keep Colonol Tindal Company is this rather lovely Vivandiere with a newborn.

And here we have a rather heretical addition for a supposedly Old School collection.  This rather smashing looking chap is actually a soft plastic command figure from the Waterloo 1815 toy soldier company.  I wanted to add a little variety to the British Lieutenant Colonels so I decided to branch out a bit.

I quite like the figure and once all glossed up he still could pass muster as a good old school toy soldier.

Here we have the 6th Cacadores painted by Richard Tennant.   I have done minimal work to these, just a little highlighting on the browns, yellows and greens to brighten them up a wee bit, as well as a bit of shading for the faces and hands.  These were still in great condition, so other than one replacement plume, they required very little work to touch up.

The battalion is lead by Major Tiago Pedro Martins.  The figures are Hinton Hunt PTN 14 Portuguese Cacadore charging, PTN 6 Portuguese officer marching, BN 96 British light infantry at trail, and BN 20 Rifleman Bugler.

I decided to base these with the reserve and headquarter companies on one 6 figure base, which leaves two 9 figure skirmish companies to throw out in front of the Portuguese Brigade.  As the British army in the Tennant Collection is a bit light infantry heavy, I will not mourn the loss of a few potential skirmishers, besides, I just received a few more riflemen so I can now model a few companies of the 2nd/95th.

As a teaser here is what is on deck:  an absolutely stunning Franznap 6 horse Bavarian limber and 6 lb gun with all of the associated gunners and command, a battalion of Les Higgins Old Guard Grenadiers with command all primed and ready, and finally a battalion of French Marines of the Old Guard, the last twelve of which are on the painting table getting a final trim before priming.  The Bavarian Chevau-Leger are on the painting table, and now that all of these figures are almost prepped, I can forge ahead getting some paint on them!