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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Vimeiro 1808 Test Match

 My good buddy Terry dropped by to help with testing out the deployment and balance of the Vimeiro battle the other day, and proved to me, that while challenging, the French can make a good go of taking the British position.  We didn't play it to conclusion, but the initial turns showed me a few tweaks that will be needed, which was the goal.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the action in classic black and white, befitting the old school armies:

Vimeiro village as the assault develops.

French battalions beginning the assault on Vimeiro Hill.

The assault develops and the British flank is threatened.

Run away!  The British Artillery is over-run and they abandon the guns!

A counter attack developing?

The French frontal assault was costly!

But will the flank fold under the pressure?

Increasing the pressure on the British line.

The reserve enters the fray, but are they just in time or too late...

Friday, October 6, 2023

French 25th Regiment of Dragoons


The French 25th Regiment of Dragoons

This regiment, originally painted by Richard (Dick Tennant) was due for a refresh and repair prior to their appearance in the Vimeiro scenario.  These were in pretty good shape with the majority of repair being focused on chipping paint on the horse ankles and any exposed corners such as boots, greatcoats, saddle cloths and elbows.  The original flag was in great condition so no repairs were required on the guidon.  I did add significant highlighting and shadowing to the horses, sheepskins, and jackets of the riders as well as their faces.  These will make up one of three cavalry regiments for the French in the Vimeiro scenario, heavily outnumbering the one small regiment of British and Portuguese light dragoons.

This regiment is the last of the combat units needed for the recreation of the assault on Vimeiro, so next up will be a welcome change to modelling the terrain of the area.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

The First of the 54s! A Classic Marcus Hinton Sculpt (and some Romans...)

 54mm Marcus Hinton Voltigeur - Legion du Midi

Recently I found a collection of 54mm Hinton Hunt and Stadden miniatures that were priced in a way that I couldn't say no, so added them to my collection of classic Napoleonic miniatures from the dawn of tabletop wargaming in the 1960s.  I coerced some friends into painting them, just so that I would have a keepsake from friends around the globe who I have only met virtually.  The first of these to arrive is a simply lovely Voltigeur of the Legion du Midi painted by none other than Alistair Morrison of the UK.  Not only did he take the time to repair the somewhat battered figure and meticulously prep the sculpture itself, but he also fashioned this wonderful plinth replete with brick work and autumn leaves.  I am one lucky puppy!!!

I will let Aly's work on this figure speak for itself.

I noticed on Aly's blog that he has recently been posting some repaints of late Romans.
 While these are no where near the same quality as Aly's, I just happened to be adding some elements to my own Marian Romans to make them playable for L'Art de la Guerre, so I thought; why not post them here as well.

My first use of round bases for command elements.  I like it!

While I do like these, they were definitely a speed paint.

These were some earlier additions when I had a bit more time to paint them with more of an eye for detail.

Not sure I have the patience for shields like these anymore...

I want to say these are Xyston miniatures, but someone please correct me if am am mistaken.

Just a final word of thanks to Aly for taking the time to do such a wonderful job on the 54mm Hinton Hunt Voltigeur.  What a treasure I have in figures and friends!