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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Indomitable Spirit

I have a fairly big testing coming up in Taekwondo, and it is traditional to give a gift to the master instructor on such an occasion. I have constructed a diorama depicting a Korean cavalryman opposing the invaders of Japan. A favorite saying of my instructor is Indomitable Spirit, so I have constructed this diorama to reflect that. She tries to impart in us that same spirit of never giving up, something I may have to call on next weekend as it is an all day testing!

The Miniatures are 25mm from the Perry Chosen Korean and Age of Wars Samurai ranges.

You just have to love the flail! I don't care if I did outnumber my opponent 6-1, If I saw that flail coming at me I'm not sure I would show Indomitable Spirit. I might be more likely to show my back side. As Monty Python would say: "Run away!"

Wish me luck - David