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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dixon ACW 25mm Pennsylvania Bucktails

I recently put up several lots of Dixon and Perry miniatures fro sale. I really couldn't decide which line I liked best. The Perry line has great realism and nice proportions, but I'm not a big fan of the plastics. Dixon on the other hand, have really big heads, but they are so full of character and really "read" well on the table. The Perry figures sold, so I let others make the decision for me and I am really quite grateful, as I think for me the Dixons were the way to go. I just like the look and feel of the heavier metal figures.

I have mounted these on pennies and played my first game of Brother vs Brother yesterday. It was a fun beer and pretzels type game that should work well on a large table with mixed forces. My first game was a learning game on a small board, which really did away with any benefit for having artillery.

In brother vs Brother each unit has ten figures and represents a typical squad of twenty actual soldiers. Here I have two squads and one lieutenant as well as a couple of casualty figures for dramatic effect.

Above is a unit of Berdan's sharp shooters. In brother vs Brother there is no provision for snipers or long shots, so we just played these as having breech-loaders, which means they get to fire every turn instead of every other turn for the normal rifled muskets.

The whole unit of ten. Since they were often used in company sized packets supporting larger units, I really need to get busy and paint some more infantry for these guys to support.