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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Magical Ballerina Fairy with Rainbow Laser on Flying Unicorn

OK, I recognize this one may need a bit of explaining.  My daughter gave this to me for Christmas and I have fashioned it into a rather pastel Barker Marker for DBA.  I love the figure and as is usual with sculptures by Tom Meier, the faces are awesome.  These are definitely not push over princesses!  I also have to admit that despite the unusual paint palette, I really enjoyed working on this one.

American Civil War Skirmish Figures

These are a group of Dixon figures that I have been slowly adding to, but just haven't posted many pictures of them.   They are super fun to paint despite the giant heads which I still really actually enjoy.  They look great on the battlefield.  I have 30 or so of the Pennsylvania Bucktails armed with Spencer rifles, as well as a unit of 10 Berdan's sharpshooters also armed with the Spencers.  Next up:  The cavalry!

Foray into Bolt Action

The halftrack in this photo is the plastic Bolt Action kit.  It is a very easy to assemble model with enough detail to be interesting, but designed primarily for the wargamer.  I decided to use thinned acrylic paints brushed on, rather than going the airbrush route.  Especially for fine lines I still feel like I have better control over a brush.  Weathering was done through a combination of washes, drybrushing and splatter painting with a toothbrush.

The infantry are part of the Wargames Factory set, which at $20 for 30 figures are quite the deal.  The detail is good, but not deeply incised, but still adequate for a good paint job.

I believe I used gale force nine "poison ivy" for the helmet camouflage.