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Friday, May 8, 2015

Berbers and Bolt Action

Just finished up a few additions for my Berbers and Waffen SS armies

The unit of eight elements of four figures each displaying their standards.  The figures are a mix of Ral Partha Moors, and Ottomans from the condottieri line, as well as a smattering of Citadel Arabs from their Dark Ages line.  The banners are mostly inspired by Little Big Men, but the middle banner is completely scratch built and painted ala El Cid.

I particularly like the way the shields of Ben Yusef's Black Guard came out.  I used a variety of metallics with black lining to bring out the detail.

The black banner is simply folded paper painted and stiffened with white glue, but what really adds a nice touch is the addition of the horse hair tassels on the ends of the cross pole.

 I've really enjoyed the Bolt Action games I have played and painting WWII camo is a nice change from all of the Ancients and Dark Age figures I've been working on.

 Flowers might be a bit much and would probably have been trampled into the ground, but you have to love the way they set off the figures.

 Here we have an HMG pouring fire into the unsuspecting Americans (or Russians).  I decided to base them separately to facilitate taking casualties off the board.  The tufts are by a gentleman in Australia known as Leadbear.  I highly recommend them.