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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bolt Action Germans Second Squad

 This is my second squad of Germans made from 28mm Wargame's Factory plastics.  These are an improvement over the first squad, as I used a lighter khaki as the base coat of the camo jackets which helped tone down the green overall.  I also like the option of adding a combat leader in a fatigue hat rather than an officer's cap.  I think the squad leader of the third squad will be in a helmet.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Magical Ballerina Fairy with Rainbow Laser on Flying Unicorn

OK, I recognize this one may need a bit of explaining.  My daughter gave this to me for Christmas and I have fashioned it into a rather pastel Barker Marker for DBA.  I love the figure and as is usual with sculptures by Tom Meier, the faces are awesome.  These are definitely not push over princesses!  I also have to admit that despite the unusual paint palette, I really enjoyed working on this one.

American Civil War Skirmish Figures

These are a group of Dixon figures that I have been slowly adding to, but just haven't posted many pictures of them.   They are super fun to paint despite the giant heads which I still really actually enjoy.  They look great on the battlefield.  I have 30 or so of the Pennsylvania Bucktails armed with Spencer rifles, as well as a unit of 10 Berdan's sharpshooters also armed with the Spencers.  Next up:  The cavalry!

Foray into Bolt Action

The halftrack in this photo is the plastic Bolt Action kit.  It is a very easy to assemble model with enough detail to be interesting, but designed primarily for the wargamer.  I decided to use thinned acrylic paints brushed on, rather than going the airbrush route.  Especially for fine lines I still feel like I have better control over a brush.  Weathering was done through a combination of washes, drybrushing and splatter painting with a toothbrush.

The infantry are part of the Wargames Factory set, which at $20 for 30 figures are quite the deal.  The detail is good, but not deeply incised, but still adequate for a good paint job.

I believe I used gale force nine "poison ivy" for the helmet camouflage.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

54mm AWI Plastic Indians

 Here are some shots of Plastic American Indians based on some John Jenkins designs figures.  I got these from All the Kings Men, and though the poses are interesting, there was a lot of flash and undercuts that had to be trimmed away and the type of plastic used was particularly unforgiving.  The figures are also a tad bigger and a lot beefier than typical 54mm sculpts.  I think if I had to do it again I would consider the other brand of AWI Indians that they sell.  54mm is difficult enough to paint, and I must say I found the additional challenge of painting plastic figures quite difficult and am only moderately pleased with the result.  By the end, I was mostly just trying to get them finished and off my painting table.  They'll work well in a game, but no painting awards for these!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

HotT Samurai elements

Here we have a hero going through a scratch built Torii.  The figures are 15mm Eureka samurai.

Another hero element taking in a panoramic view of the battle from atop a small hill.  The rocks are modeled from Hackberry bark that was treated and dried.

Here we have the mystic shamans summoning fire.  These are also part of the Eureka line of samurai.

And lastly, what army of Samurai would be complete without a few ninja thrown in.  These figures are by Essex.