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Sunday, October 10, 2021

French Heavy Dragoon Cavalry Command

 For Vimiero the French need to have some dragoons, so I set about getting a regiment updated which was featured in my last post.  Today I belatedly bring you the command figures, all painted originally by Richard Tennant with a little additional work by me.

Divisional and brigade level commanders with their aide de camps.

General de Division Louis-Pierre Montbrun with a Colonel of Dragoons

Aide de Camp to General de Brigade Cavrois

General de Brigade Cavrois

Aide de Camp to General de Division Montbrun

Up next: The legion du Midi.

And the painting begins.  Der Kriegspieler miniatures customized to more closely resemble the uniform worn by the Legion du Midi.

While preparing the French Cavalry Command and Legion du Midi, I had the chance to meet with a small group of gaming buddies this Saturday and get in a couple of nice games of DBN (De Bellis Napoleonicis - a DBA variant).

1806 Prussians vs the French

Note the splendid killing field in which the French cavalry are about to enter...

Prussian baggage train element

The octogenarians leading the Prussian army

Brave Carabiniers dashing into the mouth of the Prussian guns!

The French artillery tried in vain to position.

If only the French can reach the hill - they outnumber the Prussian cavalrymen 3-2.

Meanwhile Prussian jagers and light infantry fight to delay the deadly French Legere on the opposite flank from the cavalry attack.

The weight of the Prussian guns is too much for the French Dragoons, who flee the field.

The French heavies charge up the hill to confront Blucher's Red Hussars and the Von Beeren Kuirassiers, but they were to spent by the time they reached their foe.

This scene is actually from our second battle, which followed a more traditional firefight followed by an infantry attack.

The French infantry performed admirably, but on the flanks their forces were soundly defeated, leaving the infantry attack isolated and stalled.

Across the way was a beautiful 28mm ECW game.