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Friday, September 30, 2011

HotT Stronghold for 25mm Elves

Statues guarding the entrance to the elven forest stronghold. The statues are old Ral Partha castings also done by Tom Meier I believe. The pedestals are made from wood blocks and plastic card.

The path leading into the forest. The miniatures are by Thunderbolt Mountain.

Love under the trees.

All in all a fun diorama to build. Now it's time to start in on the Orc stronghold featuring the Ral Partha orc war machine complete with dragon skull. Should make for quite a contrast.

HotT Narnian additional elements

New Narnian Elements

I have had most of these around for a while, but I just finished the Dryads and crows, which inspired me to finally photograph the rest of these fantastical critters.

Above is a Ral Partha Hill Troll which, though a 25mm figures, double perfectly as a giant for my Narnians.

This is another Ral Partha 25mm casting, a bit large perhaps, but for a hero element being a bit on the large size seems appropriate. I stole this miniature from my daughter, but she didn't seem to mind.

I added a couple of new beast elements and this one includes a Splintered Light mouse which is meant to represent Reepicheep, though I must admit I liked the swashbuckling interpretation in the movies a bit better.

This is another great miniature by Splintered Light. A real pain to put together, but worth the effort!

The murder of crows takes flight. I will play this as an aerial element.

These are one of my all time favorite sculpts and once again come from Splintered Light Miniatures. I will play these dryads as either beasts or behemoths, or even possibly lurkers. The folliage is an addition made with spray painted fiber floss material with turf and scale leaves glued to the fibers.

The big man himself, Aslan. I don't like playing with God elements so I usually use him as a hero or hero general.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thunderbolt Mountain Elves

Here are some pictures of my latest project underway. These are Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures which will be used in a stronghold for my 25mm Elf army.