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Friday, May 2, 2008

Sarmatians coming along

The Sarmatians have been coming along nicely. I have broken them into two groups, one to sell at Nashcon, and the other for my own use. I will be using two different painting styles so it will be interesting to see how each army comes out.

These are the later Sarmatians for sale at Nashcon. If ever there was an army designed for drybrushing it is these. I decided to do a black undercoat and drybrush the armor. I will then go back and do the detail work. The Sarmatians used a variety of armor: horn, laquered red leather, bronze and iron, which should make them very colorful.

These are for my own army and will comprise enough figures for an early or later Sarmatian force. I have primed these white and they will get a base coat of color and then an all over wash to pick out the detail. A little more work than just drybrushing, but hopefully worth it.

Here are the light horse archers converted from lancers.

More lancers converted to javelin armed shielded cavalry. This was a much easier conversion and the figures look great.

from a different angle

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