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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brunswick and Saxon Additions

I have just finished an element of Brunswick Avant Garde in 25mm and the last addition to my 15mm Prussian 1806 army, the Saxon corp , is also complete:

Here are three views of the Brunswick Avant-Garde. This element is based on the uniforms of the light companies. There were also two Jager companies that wore similar uniforms of a lighter shade, and the running horse badge on their hats instead of the hunting horn. The hedge is made from foam covered in flock, and the boulder is made from a paper mache product called Scultamold. The figure are by Perry Miniatures and are absolutely exquisitely sculpted and cast.

Above are the Saxons who will accompany my 1806 Prussian army. I have four musket elements, foot artillery, and Hussars. I decided to paint the trim on the gun carriage as brass instead of iron painted yellow. Two primary sources depicted the cannon with the same color trim as was used for the barrel and gold trim on officer's uniforms and hats. I took this to mean that the trim was indeed brass. Expensive I know, but feasable for the beginning of the war before the economic shortages began. Close ups below:

Can't wait to field these guys and try them out in a game of DBN!!!

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