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Thursday, December 25, 2008

English Civil War - The New Model Army

Much to my chagrin I found myself sucked into painting an English Civil War (ECW) New Model Army, with a few additions so that it can be played as a Parliamentarian army as well. A good friend found the miniatures at a great price so I couldn't say no. The figures are 15mm Donnington sculpts, which though not award winners, actually paint up quite well. So far this army has only made it onto the field once, and are undefeated, but Prince Rupert and his goofy poodle are gunning for revenge.

The General element. He looks a little to dashing for Cromwell, so I will probably alter the banner a bit to make him represent Lord Fairfax.

The shot elements - two in red, and for the Parliamentarian addition, one in green and one in blue.

The supporting pike elements in the same colors.

The Dragoons

The new model knight elements which can be played as knights or as pistoliers.

Parliamentarian knights or pistoliers guarding the artillery.

The baggage train.

Cavalry and psiloi representing a forlorn hope.

A special thanks to Terry Webb for finding these figures and getting me interested in the ECW. Thanks also to Blake Radetzky at Pendraken USA for picking out some great figures for us and giving such a great deal and service.

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