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Monday, December 14, 2009

Isengard Unleashed

Here we have some plastic Games Workshop Lord of the Rings (LotR) Uruk Hai. The plastics were fairly easy to base as I just tacked the plastic sprue on which they are resting to the wooden base with super glue, and then built up around it. The banner is a nice little customization of a pike.
Some blade elements and a large troll which will play as a behemoth.

Here is a close up of one blade stand. I tried to give the armor a good crude rusted appearance. On some stands I have mixed in armor that appears newer, as much would have been just produced. Below are the archers. In the pipe are some more crossbow, blades and of course, Saruman


  1. Awesome job on the armor and stuff. I feel like I can hear the movie playing while looking at the figs...

  2. They´re a good looking bunch. Haven´t seen a HOTT army done with these figures yet. Good job!

  3. What size stands are these? 60mm frontage I assume, but what about the depth?

    Also, when you say you tacked the sprue on the base, did you trim or flatten it first? Did it work as well with metal versus the plastic figures? What about the cavalry?

    Robe St. Louis MO

  4. I believe I used 60x30mm for the orcs and 60x60 for all cavalry, which is deeper than the rules call for, but I can't abide figures sticking off the ends of the stands. To mount the figures I generally glued a piece of card on the stand so that the metal or plastic tab across the feet would have support on the side as well as from the bottom. The whole base is then covered with sand and a white glue/paint mixture flowed on to really secure everything. Works great!