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Sunday, September 19, 2010

More 25mm Ral Partha Condotierri

Above are two elements of pikemen in 3/4 plate. These were simple to paint and a nice break from the more complex slashed sleeves of the crossbow and blade elements. The DBA-Hx rules allow for two pike elements, but the DBR lists only allow pikes for a very brief period, the Venetians relying more on Spanish mercenary sword and buckler men it appears.

A view from the front showing the manly beards of the pikemen.

Probably one of the few home grown units from Venice; the mounted arqubusiers.

Venice was famed for importing stradiots, most notably from Albania. I have seen some nice illustrations of severed heads decorating their saddles, so I suspect they had a fierce reputation. They are listed as light horse, but they functioned in close combat as well, not being afraid to use their long lances.

Venice can have two elements of stradiots. These were some of the few castings my friend Terry did not have in his collection, so I had to order these online. Fortunately the 25mm renaissance line is still being manufactured by Great Endeavors, though they are not advertised as available unless you look really hard! Here's a link:


  1. I always liked the Ral Partha renaissance range (and the Bushido samurai range).

  2. You figures look great! I painted a lot of the Ral Partha Renaissance figures back in the late 70s when they first appeared. Very small by todays scale-creep days, but still very nicely sculpted.

  3. Small by today's standards, but perfectly sized to fit on the base sizes still used by FOG, HotT and DBA/DBR. Thanks for the kind words. Pull out your figures and bring them back into service!