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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thunderbolt Mountain Elves

Here are some pictures of my latest project underway. These are Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures which will be used in a stronghold for my 25mm Elf army.


  1. Hi! longtime miniature enthusiast and gamer. First off, great paint job on these Thunderbolt Mountain Elves! I have been looking into purchasing a few of these myself, particuarly the Wood Elf archer. I have many Dwarves, but only a few Elves. This being said, approximately how tall do these stand in inches? Would they be compatible with, say, Reaper Miniature figures? Any help or advice on this line would be appreciated. Thanks, and again, very nice elves- Kevin

  2. They are 30mm to the top of the head, so about an inch and 1/4. They are very slender (realistically proportioned) but I don't have any experience with reaper miniatures so really can't help you with a comparison.