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Friday, December 30, 2011

More Romans arrive

I recently sold an army of Romans and Pyhric Macedonians but had enough left over that I wanted to finish up an army for myself, so here they are. Above are the Velites which are by Crusader Miniatures I believe. The one in the wolf's head may be a Navigator miniature but I am far from sure on that one.

Here we have the Italian ally spear and Auxillia, probably Samnites. The miniatures are by Old Glory.

The Roman cavalry general on the right and the Itallian ally cavalry on the left, all by Old Glory.

These are the Triari, the grisseled veterans of the Roman army and are painted after an illustration in the John Warry book on classical warfare that caught my eye back when I first started this hobby some thirty years ago. The shields are hand painted and then splattered by using a toothbrush rubbed with paint.

They are a frightening looking lot!

In contrast to the Triari, here are the Hastati, the young men, armed with pila and sword which were just making their appearance at this time.

Once again the shields are all hand painted and modeled after a design in the John Warry book.

Finally we have the Principes, still armed with spear at this point, but still tough as nails.

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  1. These are great...I especially love your custom freehanded shields! All that work and brave enough to mud them up. Wow!