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Sunday, February 28, 2016

10mm ACW Union Army - the Beginning

The genesis for this project started as a lot of my projects do, with a bargain at a flea market.  I got a bunch of GHQ 10mm ACW figures for $5 - I won't say how much that initial investment has blossomed, but I will say that the plank Road and Cracker line 10mm lines are wonderful!

I am basing these for a DBA variant called appropriately DBACW.  The supply wagon and artillery train elements serve as either base camps or forward supply depots.

Even corp commanders have to use the privy just like everyone else.

Each artillery piece comes with a choice of barrels.  So far I have stuck to bronze howitzers primarily, but need to learn a bit more about civil war artillery to give a better representation of all of the arms used.

The firing line - I painted these figures on the base which helped speed things along.  Union troops having a somewhat unified look made this an easy approach.  I hope I don't regret it when it comes to painting the confederates!

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