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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hinton Hunt and Der Kriegspieler Figure Hunt

 In looking for command figures for some of my Hinton Hunt and Der Kriegspielers units I have tried a couple of existing figure lines to find compatible figures.  From left to right:  Art Miniaturen, Hinton Hunt (recast), Der Kreigspielers, Newline Designs.

 As you can see the figures are all reasonably the same, but get progressively smaller, with Art Miniaturen being perhaps just slightly larger than Hinton Hunt, but a really good fit sizewise, and Newline Designs being just a hair smaller than Der Kriegspielers, but still a good match for the DK figures in size.

  As you can see though, when Newline design is put side by side with Art Miniaturen there is a considerable size difference

 Here are some DK Russian Cuirassiers with Newline Design command that are superfluous to my needs so let me know if you could use them.  Would love to trade for some DK Cossacks with Busbys.

 Here is a unit I would love to be able to field, as I could paint them as Guard Cossacks, which were part of the Corps with Palov's Grenadiers which I have already modeled.  I need five more DK Cossacks in Busbys (DK #87).  Let me know if you have extras and I'll work to arrange a trade or purchase.  I have customized three Newline Designs Cossacks so that they have the appropriate headgear for the guard.

 Close Up

 It is really hard to tell from this angle, but the DK Cossacks have three variants, all labeled as #87, I believe.  The one above is the same figure with a fur busby and a bag.

 Here are some close ups of the other alternatives.  I will mix these in with a less uniform group of Ural Cossacks.

 Here's a nice little vignette I got from Art Miniaturen.  I'll use this as my command stand for Russian Hussars.  We have a dismounted officer giving orders to his mounted aide de camp.

Not finished by a long shot, but a nicely detailed Russian 20# Unicorn from Art Miniaturen which includes separate drag chains, tools, and bucket.  Strangely it seems just a hair smaller than the Newline Designs artillery below.

 Newline Designs on the left, Art Miniaturen on the right.

 Some French line that are extra to my needs.  1812 uniform I believe.  None of them have a number on the bottom to confirm which figure.  DK figures I assume.  I really like the musket strap draped under the arm.

 Here are the French Line that I need.  Would love 2-3 more of these if anyone has extras.  Happy to trade or purchase.  It is possible these are Italians painted as French.  The number is hard to read but it could be #158, which is Italian Line Infantry.

 These Austrians need a new home so let me know if they would fit well in your collection.  These are smaller than the DKs, so I assume true 20mm figures, but I have not been able to figure out the manufacturer.


  1. David I wonder if those Austrians are the old Pax Britannica (now RSM) available from Dayton Painting Consortium

  2. Thanks! I'll take a closer look and see if I can confirm.

  3. David, that first set of unknown French infantry are certainly DK Napoleoniques set # 11: French Line Infantry 1812, Repelling. I painted a few of the elite (11E) variant for my 45e de Ligne! You can see a slightly modified one here:


  4. I think I have 3 HH cossacks (RN50) to spare. I'll dig them out for you if you want them.

    Tony S

  5. They certainly do look like PB/ RSM Austrians!

    1. Great! That will help tremendously in finding them a home where they will be appreciated.

  6. Hi David, I see from Wellington MAn's blog you are looking for Cossacks in busby. HAve you seen this Ebay lot ?

    1. I had not seen that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Fingers crossed...